Perry Timms

Perry is a visiting Fellow at Cranfield Management School and Sheffield Hallam University, a Fellow of the RSA, was a Guest Professor at GEA College in Slovenia, and am part of the Adjunct Faculty at Ashridge Executive Education and Guest Professor at Hult International Business School - as well as an Associate at the Work Foundation - helping create the principles of Good Work in an uncertain world.

T-tonka Poloamina

Tonye Oburoh

Boma Tonye Oburoh nee Iyagba mostly known as “Tonye” is a registered UK independent prescriber clinical pharmacist with a special interest in diabetes and hypertension management and the founder of Diabetes Consults. Tonye graduated from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and is a member of the General Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (GPHC).

Simone Cicero

Simone Cicero believes that every business is a part of an ecosystem. Most traditional approaches to business are blind to this. We work with innovators to disrupt the conventional, and shape their market, creating a positive impact for all parties involved.

Tonbra Nwosuagwu

I had the honour of discussing this with Tonbra Nwosuagwu, She describes herself as Transformation Agent: who help people leverage their stories, restore true identities and align with purpose to create impact and influence. she has caught the revelation of the word, RESILIENCE that she can talk about it the whole day and not get tired.

Simmone L. Bowe

Discussing with Simmone L. Bowe, The Limitless Life Leadership Coach & Strategist International Speaker, Author and Advisor She is a thought leader in personal and organizational change, transformation and empowerment. I consult in process improvement, culture, and performance, supporting seasoned leaders to improve morale and engagement through trusted, confidential advisory services and senior leadership brand development.

Shadrack Kubyane

discussing this with Shadrack Kubyane, Co-Founder: Coronet Blockchain I Global Speaker I Supply Chain I Blockchain Leader I AfCFTA & Blockchain He is an authority and a voice within the Blockchain Universe and expressed this as an international speaker on the subject. I am super excited and looking for to this engagement.

Rachael Ogbidi

Rachael Ogbidi a resilient woman who have demystified the myth of ‘stay at home mum’. She has shown that staying at home, does not mean staying idle. She has taken the art of home engineering to an all-time high, creating content thereby and earning a living pointing to the fact that, the multitasking skill in a woman speaks volume.

Pretty Kubyane

Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa hails from Rivers State, in the southern part of Nigeria. He is a strategic HR thinker who brings quality out-turn through HR processes. He is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, Uniport and also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Human Resources Management from the University of Liverpool.

Orlando Taylor

Orlando Taylor was born in St. Louis, MO., growing up, he was fascinated with writing, science, reading, and this interest led to some early exposure to reading comic books, poetry, literature. Later, Orlando developed a passion for ideas that could be transformed into scripts for TV and film. In My Scars Are My Birthmark, Orlando explores the issues one might face in life and those common to the African American community.

Onyebuolise Grace Ngozi

Grace is the CEO of Write Treasurez Educational Resource Center with the soul objectives of helping individuals and organizations achieve their development needs vai training and book reading. Write Treasurez has helped enrich the life of many young minds by helping them discover that lives purpose and pursue their goals through book readings and training, and sales of books.

Olubukola Seun-Oloruntuga,

Olubukola Seun-Oloruntuga, is a lawyer, John Maxwell Team certified executive leadership coach, and speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping young people become the best versions of themselves. She is the the Convener of Leadership for Lawyers Initiative, a coaching and mentoring platform for law students and young lawyers and host of The Conversations; a weekly mastermind session with young people on Telegram where I share nuggets on issues of life, purpose and spirituality.

Olu Olabode

NK Maduforo

NK Maduforo is an international recording artist who creatively communicates God’s love through her lyrics, music and visuals. She’s often described as an innovative artist leading the new generation of gospel artists who have crossover appeal. In 2020, she was named one of the ‘100 Most influential people in Christian ministry in Nigeria’ by YNaija.

Nicholas Ojukwu Eke

Nike Kerstin Akerele-De Souza

Nike Kerstin Akerele-De Souza, Social Entrepreneur/Social Impact/Human Capital & Strategic Business Advisor with over 30 plus years in the Human Capital Development space. She is an accomplished Executive (Human Capital/Social Impact/Strategic Business Advisor & Social Entrepreneur) with global exposure to a variety of industries to senior Board level.

Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt is an HR expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience in the HR professional area. He is the author of the Bestselling Book, Redefining HR and is building a Bridge to the Next Generation of HR. He is a Podcast Host and the Founder, Amplify Accelerator.

Kemi Oye

She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, and through her HR career, she has led a number of complex change management projects and workforce initiatives, that has shaped the delivery of a high performance culture within various culturally and geographically diverse organizations.

Kehinde Ojo

Kehinde Adegoke

Joyce Daniels

On this episode of the Word Café podcast I sat down with Joyce Daniels who has come to discover herself in this space She is the Queen of Talk, Founder, TALKADEMY – Africa's #1 Training School for MCs Bestselling and the Author of MASTERY and BEFORE YOU SPEAK, READ THIS!

Jezreel D'Angelo Amachree

Fathers are the gatekeepers, the watchers, those who the children look up to and somewhat take after, mirroring their actions. It is a responsibility that comes with so much power that it is 'godlike' because its occupation opens you up to God's assignment on Mankind, Multiply and replenish the earth. Do you remember the times you spent with your Father? What exciting memories.

Irene Bangwell

Irene Bangwell is an educator and a parenting coach. As an educator, Irene and her husband, Kingsley are the cofounders of The KNOSK N100-a-day Secondary School, Kuje. This is a private-public Secondary school designed for children from low income families. As a parent coach; Irene is the creator of the Body Smart Bundle for Girls; A Biblical Abstinence Based Sex Education Tool for girls, educators and parents of girls.

Ifeoma Omoniyi

Ifeoma Omoniyi a resilient woman who have demystified the myth of ‘stay at home mum’. She has shown that staying at home, does not mean staying idle. She has taken the art of home engineering to an all-time high, creating content thereby and earning a living pointing to the fact that, the multitasking skill in a woman speaks volume.

Ibinabo Enebi

Hilda Manyo Dickson

Hilda Manyo DICKSON is a result oriented Finance professional, with 23 years of postgraduate experience with 17 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas sector and 6 years' in Banking with proven success in Cost and Management Accounting for Senior Management decision making. Her ability to anticipate, analyze and alert stakeholders on cost management related activities has been an integral part of her career which has been invaluable in achieving goals.

Foluso Phillips

My learning session with Mr. Foluso Phillips. If faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, then I think logically speaking, wisdom that is the principal thing doesn’t just come by hearing alone, there is a doing that reinforces it.

Eriye Onagoruwa

Eriye Onagoruwwa is a financial literacy expert, author and public speaker, Eriye is a multi-skilled professional with about two decades of post-graduation experience in the energy industry. She is skilled in gas and power multi-party contract negotiations and has proven commercial acumen in concluding complex gas and power projects and development frameworks, refinery commercial transactions and complex stakeholder management. She represented Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) as the commercial lead in the SPDC JV commercial negotiations covering multi-million dollar projects, worked on several NAOC JV commercial initiatives including its first IPP Power plant and led the company’s refinery expansion project with NNPC.

Flo Akinbiyi

Power of communication with Flo Akinbiyi, a communication expert. His Afro-German background gave him an advantage when it came to communication from an early age. Growing up in Bavaria, he was always the one to stand out of the crowd, the one that looked different, and the one that got all the attention. But it’s not only looks and personality that can give you an advantage; that’s only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Ene Obi

Ene obi is an author, speaker and a coach, who helps professional women who are ready for their next level create and design the life of their dreams She recently published a book titled, Your Life Is Calling- where she shared the lessons and principles, which helped her reignite the passions, dreams and desires that had long been buried deep inside of her. The book is a road map, connecting you from where you are to the possibilities of who you can be.

Emem Opashi

Eden Onwuka

Eden A. Onwuka is a dynamic, resourceful business professional who excels in client relationship management, sales, corporate social responsibility, and international financial transactions. Industry experience includes banking, energy, e-commerce, and consulting. A versatile leader with proven ability to manage and motivate multi-cultural teams; straightforward thinking decision maker with excellent communication, negotiation, and marketing skills.

Dr. Joyce Nona Edeki

Yes, the mind and words, how do they function, the science more or less? In this episode of the Word Café, I have the privilege of discussing this with a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Joyce Nona Edeki. We talked about the following; Ø How the mind processes words Ø The unconscious mind Ø The subconscious mind Ø Where creativity ‘dwells’ Ø Emotional intelligence Ø Body language

Dike Chukwumerije

Rachael Ogbidi a resilient woman who have demystified the myth of ‘stay at home mum’. She has shown that staying at home, does not mean staying idle. She has taken the art of home engineering to an all-time high, creating content thereby and earning a living pointing to the fact that, the multitasking skill in a woman speaks volume.

Chris Morgan

Charles Okeibunor

Charles is a Workplace Relationship Management Expert who developed a model for Workplace Transformation called IRMP. He is a Corporate Advisor to frontline decision makers and Top of the mind trainer to professionals at all levels. His vision is to build Organizations to last by using the IRMP model to positively transform them. He has authored 25books and spoken at a TEDx event. https://youtu.be/v8mVaNeeIQ0

Bamike OBA Adeyemi

She renders it in an ‘Oriki’ fashion. Oriki is cultural thing associated with the Yoruba culture. The word 'Oriki" can be translated as panegyric which is a form of praise poetry. In the Yoruba culture, each settlement or minor tribe has its own Oriki. ... The name usually carries a praise poetry with it which is used to inspire the bearer of the name

Adaeze (Odili) Oreh

Adaeze Odili Oreh is the Country Director Planning, Research, and Statistics with Nigeria's National Blood Service Commission which entails working with health and development policymakers at ministerial and sub-ministerial levels to create blood policies that reduce maternal mortality and reduce the transfer of infections such as HIV through unsafe blood transfusions as well as improving the distribution of safely screened blood to hard-to-reach areas, especially in times of terror and conflict.