This book shines a light on the knowledge that makes the difference between a powerless life of mystery and one of assisted mastery. It will help seekers direct their attention and energy suitably on a quest toward a successful life of purpose. 

Our walk on earth is not happenstance or a fluke. It requires intention and precision. We must take responsibility, ask the right questions, and head in the right direction. By taking these actions, the imagery of His purpose will be established and manifested in us here on earth

Hocus Focus


…we can start to solve real problems in our lives and see paths we never knew existed. Afanyaa beautifully demonstrates this is not “magic”, but rather…

Hocus Focus

“Hocus Focus on God” challenges believers to look at the Source of their faith in a new way. Afanyaa explains that once we eliminate distractions and focus on God, we can start to solve real problems in our lives and see paths we never knew existed. From his own experience, Afanyaa beautifully demonstrates this is not “magic”, but rather the work of God.

About Amachree

Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa hails from Rivers State, in the southern part of Nigeria. He is a strategic HR thinker who brings quality out-turn through HR processes. He is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, Uniport and also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Human Resources Management from the University of Liverpool. He is the author of A Cocktail of Words, The Colour of Words, and My HR Notebook. His inspiration for writing comes from the folklores which his grandfather told him as a child and reinforced by his mother. He is happily married to his heart throb, Tina and they are blessed with three adorable children.

For many people, life is a mystery. It appears to be a journey that we have little control over. In this book, Amachree demystifies the perceived mystery of life. 

In Hocus Focus, Amachree points out the stark contrast between a magical, mysterious perspective of life and one in which the “pocus” is replaced with focus. He leads us in the direction of the Source of the information we need to focus on, in order to move from the realms of mystery to mastery in our life’s journey. 

Abimbola Akintoye-Oguntunde